ATT00001 Sweet Romance – Emerywood Park is set in 1959. Kathryn Drake is torn between seeking the writing career she wants and giving up her dream and marrying Bruce Claxton, a man with a promising political career and who her family expects her to marry.  She then meets mysterious Matt Hunter, a park jogger who encourages her writing. Soon she finds herself drawn to him and finds she must decide. Will she move to  the capital as Mrs. Claxton or will she write and maybe someday win Matt Hunter’s heart?

hall-hampton_Rose_jpg Romantic Suspense – The 3rd book in the Coverton Mills Series: A Rose for my Forever Love.  Seth Armstrong and Julia Halsey fell in love, but fate pushed them apart. Twenty-three years later Seth attends a country music concert and realizes the singer, Andrew Singleton is his son. Though he finds Julia again, and their love is as strong as ever, circumstances stand in the way of their happiness. Not only is someone stalking Julia and her son, but a dead body turns up on his horse farm and his family and the animals are being threatened.

The Ferrington Men Josh - WEB Romantic Suspense:  The second in The Ferrington Men Series: Josh.  Widowed, Josh Ferrington is torn between the two daughters of his new step-mother. The eldest, serious minded Laurie has become a close friend and has made friends with his 3-year-old son, Amos. But his heart races every time he sees her younger sister, fun-loving, Olivia. To complicate his  life, his ex-in-laws are suing for custody of Amos and his father s kidnapped.


Romance  – The 1st in the Ferrington Men Series: Gabe. When Gabe Ferrington submits an offer on a track of land in a small town, he doesn’t expect the mayor to reject it. Determined to have the land, he goes to Livertyville to find out why. He was surprised to find the beautiful mayor wanted the property for a city park. As these two strong characters stood toe to toe on the opposite sides of the issue, neither could deny the  strong attraction growing between them.  Available from, Amazon,  B&N. Print book can be ordered from any book store or publisher website.


 Romantic Suspense – The second in the Coverton Mills Series: Wildflowers For the Senator. There are two types of people Jude Winslow doesn’t like or turst. Politicians and Preachers. Then he meets Senator Kay Littleton. Of course he’s deeply in love with her before he learns what her occupation is. Kay is as much in love with Jude as he is her. Therefore, she’s hurt and baffled when he rejects her and can”t understand why he says she has betrayed him.

An old letter turns up, that clears up all the questions, but has it been found too late to bring thest two people back together? Avaliable from, Amazon, B&N   Will soon be available in print.


Romantic Suspense – The first in the Coverton Mills Series: Lady Slippers for my  Lady.

Heather Masterson has struggled for ten years helping  her son through college and concentrating on her writing. Now, as a best selling author she never expected to fall in love. Then she meets Alex Hargrove.

Alex lost his wife to cancer and has struggled with the loss of his love. He never dreamed he’d meet a woman who would show him he could love again. Could these two middle-aged people and their grown children and grandchildren become a happy blended family?  Available from, Amazon, B&N. Now available in print from Amazon, from the publisher.


  Romantic Suspense- Your Place or Mine

When Kit Hauser and Brent Leighton both lay claim to a high rise condo in Myrtle Beach, SC they are stunned to find out that Teresa Copperfield’s will clearly states that the two of them must occupy the property for three months before it becomes legally theirs. If either of them decides to leave before the time is up, they will forfeit the property to the other.

Neither is willing to give up their ownership and after several attempts they finally carve out a near unworkable truce. But will it last? What happens if they both end up as owners? Will they become friends? Lovers?  Or will they hate each other forever?

Your Place or Mine is only available  from Amazon, Fictionwise and other on line ebook stores. It is also available from and Amazon in print form.


 Romance – Duo of Opposites

Once naïve Amy Cunningham leaves her childhood home, there is no turning back – not even after she is involved in an accident that robs her of everything she owns. Still fighting the demons of her past, she is rescued by mysterious Jason Broughton who is touring the country on his Harley-Davidson.

They both expect to separate as soon as a doctor is found to treat her wounds, but when the doctor see her injuries as a crime they are forced to flee for their lives. Unforeseen circumstances keep throwing the unlikely twosome together. As their conflicting personalities surface, it leads the reader to wonder if this pair of opposites can ever become a duo.

The Duo of Opposites with the hands in the picture is the Trade Paperback version. It is available from bookstores or this website. The Duo of Opposites with the green cover is only available in ebook form. It is avialable from the publisher,, Amazon, B&N