Hi Friends,

Again I want to welcome you to my website.

I’m excited about my newest release. Everyone that reads it thinks it’s one of the best that I’ve written. They editor says it should be a movie. Of course, that would be the answer to a prayer. Pick up a print or eBook copy and decide for yourself what you think.

the island







I’d also appreciate a review on Amazon or Goodreads for any of my books.



Emerywood Park is actually the first book I ever wrote and I decided to dig it out and see if anybody liked it. Wings did and it came out in November, 2013. It is a sweet love story and I hope a lot of people like it.



My 3rd. Coverton Mills Series book is out. This one covers the romance of Seth Armstrong who was wounded by a bullet and now walks with a cane. When he fins a lost love again,  he wonders if she will reject him because of his limp.



I am proud of the second book in The Ferrington Men Series. It is the story of Josh, the eldest son. For those who thought Gabe was good, I hope you enjoy Josh as much.

The Ferrington Men Josh - WEB  Josh Ferrington is struggling to decide which of his step-mother’s two daughters will be the best wife for him and mother for his 3-year-old son,  Amos. Will it be serious, Laurie who has become his very good friend, or fun-loving Olivia who makes his heart race every time he looks at he? To complicate his life, his  ex-inlaws are suing him for custody of Amos and his father is kidnapped.


Romance — Determined to have a piece of land to build a distribution center, Gabe Ferrington goes to Libertyville to confront the mayor.  Mayor Constance Moorefield is just as determined that the land will be used to build a city park. When these two strong individuals stand toe to toe on opposites sides of the issue, neither can deny the growing attraction between them.


The second in the Coverton Mills Series.  Jude Winslow hates politicians, then he falls in love with Senator Kay Littleton. Of course he doesn’t know she’s a senator. When he finds out, he rejects her and won’t explain why.

Kay is as much in love with Jude and can’t understand his about face. A letter comes to light that will straighten out everything, but it may be too late for the Senator and the Farmer.


Lady Slippers for my Lady is the first in the Coverton Mills Romance series. Alex Hargrove lost his wife to cancer and thinks he’ll never find happines again. Then he goes to a book signing to meet the writer who dared to use his name as her main character.

When he puts a book in front of her and says, “Sign it to the real Alex Hargrove” two people who thought they’d never find love again find a love people only dream about. That is, if the person who is trying to kill writer, Heather Masterson doesn’t succeeed.